My projects


2020 – I took a sabbatical in order to write an album in New Zealand. What came in between, COVID-19. Back in Germany, life happened and I had to postpone my work on the album.

So 2021 is a new chance, I*ve rented a room to be able to finally play with my own equipment without bothering the neighbors. The album is a story about a woman and a man who both have their own troubled story when they meet. It combines progressive metal elements and my own style. I play each instrument, write the lyrics and sing most of the parts. Be curious and stay tuned by following me on Instagram.


TulaTroubles is a musical project that started in 2007 in Munich (Germany). During all these years, musicians from fourteen different countries have joined the project, contributing to the definition of a style called Chanson-Ska – a contamination of ska and reggae that also combines genres from all over the world: from rock to Balkan music, from waltz to oriental and romantic French chansons.

The Tula Troubles adventure started years before my arrival, but I was a part of the band from 2009 until 2019, and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The variety of the music that my bandmates and I were able to produce was fantastic. I’m proud I was able to put my voice on Haykel Ben Nasr’s poems.

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